Photo courtesy of the Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation/Photographer: Jeff Dunn

Tom Bartelmay


Release Date: April 2022

Tom Bartelmay (guitar)
Jason Didia (tenor saxophone)
James Hughes (alto saxophone)
Sean Perlmutter (drum set)
Rocco Popielarski (bass)

Art and Design by Jake Shadik

Tom Bartelmay


Review by Michael G. Nastos

The Metro Detroit electric and sometimes acoustic guitarist has assembled a young and experienced quartet with drummer Sean Perlmutter, bassist Rocco Poplielarski and either tenor saxophonist Jason Didia or the renowned altoist James Hughes. The six originals range from loud and clangy to waltz tempo, introspective and sometimes counterpoint with his able bandmates. He's clearly a Jimi Hendrix disciple using recognizable phrasings. The saxophonists at times wail and Perlmutter is the glue. Rocco Poplielarski is an unsung hero who needs more recognition. Repeat listenings reveal more layer to this multi-faceted instrumental jazz rock fusion music.

-Michael G. Nastos; WCBN 88.3 FM, Arbor, Mi., Hot House Magazine/NYC, Paradiso Dei Musicisti, Down Beat Magazine, Arts Fuse, Jazz Messenger and El Intruso Music Polls


About Tom Bartelmay


Guitarist. Composer. Bandleader.

Tom Bartelmay is a Detroit based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and band leader who has been playing and teaching professionally since age 19. 2022 marked Tom's transition into band leading with the release of his debut album "Heartstrings." Upon receiving praise from critics and colleges alike, Tom earned a slot at the 2022 Detroit Jazz Festival.

Furthering his musical education, Tom completed a Master of Music in composition from Wayne State University in 2023. During this period, he served as the Gretchen Valade Graduate Assistant and studied under the tutelage of Jon Anderson and Christorpher Collins. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including Gyorgy Ligeti, Thelonious Monk, the Brian Blade Fellowship, and Dave King Trucking Company, Tom's works are characterized by strong lyrical elements intertwined with influences from multiple genres.

Tom's music has often been described as lyrical, and eclectic. His influences include artists such as Gyorgy Ligeti, Thelonious Monk, the Brian Blade Fellowship, Butcher Brown to name a few. Today Tom's work focuses on strong lyrical elements recontextualized through a variety of rhythmic and harmonic settings, often resulting in wide ranging works with a variety of color palettes. His main working group consists of long-time contributors Sean Perlmutter, Rocco Popielarski, and Jake Shadik, whose relentless creativity and strong musical voices help shape and reshape each piece.

Today, Tom's compositions are recognized for their eclectic and vibrant nature, weaving together diverse influences to create works known for their aphoristic and colorful qualities.

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation/Photographer: Jeff Dunn


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